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What Is Studio 3880?

Studio is regarded as a mode of learning through action and making. This process forms the basis of an investigative and creative process which is driven by research, exploration and experimentation; making and constructing; and critique and reflection.

The processes and outcomes of studio projects and activities tend to be exploratory and ‘open-ended’. While studios differ in content across the disciplines, all studios include a range of projects and activities which can be analysed for their capacity to address skills development, concrete knowledge and tacit knowledge:

  • Skills development  – occurs when students are working with and through categories or orders of disciplinary specific knowledge using disciplinary specific skills and conventions.
  • Concrete knowledge –  tends to be structured, such as knowledge of composition, material, form, structure space and its experience.
  • Tacit knowledge  – is indicated by the student’s judgement in relation to knowledge and skills.  It is accumulated through applying skills and concrete knowledge during a process and allows an understanding of abstract notions of order and the conceptualization and synthesis of ideas.

The principle characteristics of studio learning usually encompass the following combinations:

  • Learning through project-based work
  • Learning through ‘praxis’
  • Learning through tool or skill based workshop activities
  • Learning from first hand observation


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