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Choosing a Client and Planning the Project

projectsThis week’s focus is on choosing a client for your project and then beginning the project planning process.  While finding a client may seem challenging, you may be pleasantly surprised when you actually begin searching. For instance, you do not really have to go outside of our campus to look. Many of the student organizations are just starting up and would love to have some help in building a website or blog. Or, they may need a press release to send out via email, a flier to post around campus, or perhaps a short video blurb to get the message out to potential members. Your limits are your imagination and your willingness to work.

Once you have a client in mind, then the harder part is identifying their needs and planning the project . . . so here’s a link that can help you get focused.

Developing the Project Plan – Step by Step



This entry was posted on September 17, 2012 by in Project Planning.

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