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Out of chaos comes Order!!!!

chaosCongratulations to all 4 teams!!! Out of the uncertainty and chaos,  you have just mastered the first step in developing a digital media project.

As you move forward with planning your projects, we will be re-visiting the Stolley book and discussing both the practical and rhetorical issues in writing for digital media. Please check the schedule for Module II and note the due dates for each assignment.

This week we are working on developing a plan (see previous post with link to the Step by Step plan). You should include all 4 steps in your plan, but you may modify the sub-items as necessary to fit your purpose.

Words to remember this week:  Audience – Purpose – Occasion

Your potential client/project is most likely targeting a particular Audience  with a specific Purpose in mind.  In order to make that happen, your media and material should be appropriate for the Occasion.  In other words, while the audience and purpose will for the most part be the same throughout the life of the project,  your group may be writing for different occasions. Therefore, you will have to determine which mode and format works best.
Related reading:

Preface and Chapters 1-3 of the Stolley book. We will discuss these in class and then I will post a short quiz/assessment to be completed before 9/26.


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