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MOU Signings and Pecha Kucha

Hopefully, you are all snug and warm on this chilly, blustery Sunday.

All but one team has submitted the signed MOUs to the dropbox and your grades have been posted. Many thanks to all of the teams for your diligence in drafting detailed MOUs that outline your work plan for the project. We have four weeks left to complete the projects, so I look forward to a flurry of deliverables coming in.

Several reminders:

Virtual Class II is due Friday @ 11 pm. This is a great opportunity to complete two easy posts and update your blogs.

Module II Assessment is also due Friday @ 11pm, but I am leaving it open until Sunday @ 11 pm since I was late posting it.   Please note that I will be grading your blogs in three primary areas:  frequency of post, quality of posts, and quantity of posts. Earlier in the semester I provided you with the rubrics.

Tomorrow, I will give you an overview and samples of Pecha Kucha as  presentation form. Since some of you have expressed an interest, this may help you prepare a new type of content for your client. Alternatively, Pecha Kuchas work well for professional and artistic presentations.

See you tomorrow. Remember that  all classes on Mondays are compulsory.


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