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Life is Messy


The semester is over; your projects completed. Now is the time to step back from our Studio 3880 class and give some thought to what we have learned. So, to start things rolling I will share some of  my thoughts:

1. Life is Messy – School is not.

Take a look at the meme in this post -school tries to organize our intellect into neat categories according to subject matter. Life on the other hand mixes things up so that we are never sure what the result will be.

2. We like order – Life is not orderly.

Every semester teachers prepare a wonderfully organized syllabus, eagerly assign books, prepare tests,  evaluate work, and assign grades. Have you ever seen a syllabus for Life? What book do you use to understand Life? What tests do you take to pass Life? And, then my favorite -who assigns the grade for Life?

Take a look at the meme again – then think about your teams and the projects. In many ways this Hybrid-Studio course has been like the meme. We had the organization of school with the messiness of Life.  We/you were never quite sure of  the outcome until it had (pardon my pun) come and gone.  What was the big lesson learned? According to each of your presentations, the keys to a successful project in life are collaboration, communication, avocation. Work with your team;  communicate effectively; and believe in what you do.

You have been a great group of students. Now enjoy some rest.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. H.


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