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Beyond the digital: tips for becoming a better writer

Now thwriter1at graduations are over, and students begin “the first day of the rest of their lives”, we might reflect on how writing relates to our professional lives. For instance, writing doesn’t go away after we take our last English course, or graduate from school. Writing is an integral part of  our daily life, whether emailing, blogging, texting, writing reports, or just making a list. Through writing we project an image of who we are, how we think.

Writing is also one of the primary ways we document our lives, and in the 21st-century much of what we write hinges on how we interpret the world around us . . . in other words how we read and interpret messages delivered in a variety of modalities:  books, messages, images, people, events, etc.. However, before becoming a better writer, all of us should become better readers and listeners in order to process and interpret  the events about which we write.

For more information check out one blog offers some useful tips to help anyone become a better reader and writer. Click here for full article: Tactical tricks for becoming a better writer


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