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Digital Composition: Why Teach Writing with Blogs?

Blog CompAs more and more writing becomes web-based, teachers are beginning to use blogs in the classroom -both to deliver course content, and provide a forum for student writing. So, the big questions are Why Teach Writing with Blogs? What are the pitfalls? What are the benefits? How do we justify the pedagogy?

Teaching with blogs raises many issues such as process, content building, web interface, multimodal communication, collaborative pedagogy, rubrics, and assessment, to name just a few.  Other issues might center on student access to technology, institutional support for faculty, costs for premium subscriptions or hosting, and long-term sustainability. In short, blogging may seem simple, but in reality the blogosphere is literally a whole new world.

While we do not have all the answers, now is the time to start the larger discussion of how we justify the use of blogs as teaching and learning tools.

Disclaimer: The following Slideshare is just one instructor’s views on both the pros and cons of teaching with blogs.

Click here to view: Teaching Digital Composition with Blogs


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