Studio 3880

Welcome to the Writing and Digital Media Studio

Course Outline

Paul McFall, the senior vice president of the Pearson Curriculum Group, noted the following issues in his company’s shift toward digital resources:

  • “We have simply got to move in this direction in order to remain viable . . .We are already producing online materials that school districts can’t even use fully because of the challenges they have [with professional development and infrastructure,]”

Since our course is being taught for the first time as a Hybrid Course, our challenge is the same as that of Pearson and McFall . . . to develop not only writing for digital media, but to determine best practices and standards for teaching writing and digital media in the classroom.  As advanced writing students, you have the unique opportunity to help design Studio3880 and provide a legacy for future Writing and Digital Media classes.

Since our approach is based on Studio Learning, the course is divided loosely into Modules that represent the stages of writing for digital media. As the semester progresses, this model and the modules may change.

This is a digital facsimile of the print document posted on D2L

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