Studio 3880

Welcome to the Writing and Digital Media Studio

Module I Schedule

Updated schedules will be posted both here on the blog, and on D2L.

Note that instead of the usual exams, we will have module assessments at the end of each module. These will be delivered online via D2L and you will be allowed 3 attempts to allow for technology glitches or other problems.




Due  and/or Discussed in Class

Module I: The ABC’s of Digital Media

Wk 1

8/20 – 8/24



 Attendance: We do not have either excused or unexcused absences in this course. If I have to be here, then you have to be here – especially since this is a hybrid course that for the most part will meet in the classroom once a week on Mondays.Late work:  Must be submitted to the D2L Late Dropbox by the due date for your class section. Reading: (Specific readings will be posted on D2L). You are responsible for ALL readings.Writing:
Writing Machines &Digital Literacy Wednesday Reading: Hayles, Electronic Literature (D2L)Stolley: Preface; pp. 3-13
Online:  setup blog –

Wk 2


Building an Online Persona

Team Building

Monday Class Meets:  WordPress Blog – working blog active

Peer Review of Blogs in Class

Submit Screen Shots on “Blog Creation Dropbox” = 25 pts

Online:  Team assignments- Guidelines; Discussion Forum; Tasks review; Job Applications
Readings – See D2L and Blog for links

Case Study:  Digital Diplomacy

Wednesday (virtual) – Twitter Account Due (D2L “quizzes” = 10 pts)

Wk 3


Cultural Constraints & Rhetorical Purpose

Monday  9/3

Labor Day holiday

Wednesday Class meets: make up for Monday.Final Team AssignmentsReadings on D2L and Studio3880 blogposts
Case Study Read: Twitter Snafu I Assessment  ONLINE @ D2L:  Due Sunday, September 9 Note: Module II begins Monday September 10

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