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Module II Schedule

  • Below is our Working Schedule . . . this is an ambitious plan which may need modifying as groups begin to branch out and develop their projects.




Due  and/or Discussed in Class

Module II:  Designing  Digital Media Projects

Wk 4

9/10-9/15 Monday

Client Based Learning

Guest: Dan Vollaro
  Team Building and Professionalization in Writing; Growing your Blog Teams assigned, Track Guidelines finalized; Blogs updated;Discussion Board for Group Communication;(See Studio3880 for post on developing your blog)
Module I Assessment:  ONLINE @ D2L – Due Sunday @ 11:59 pm; Blog assessment will be included in this Module Assessment and you will be asked to write a self-assessment to be posted on your blog.

Wk 5

 9/17 – 21

Choosing the Client Project; Writing a Proposal/ Plan; creating a prospectus portfolio for the client  Teams should have at least 2 potential projects to evaluateTeams will develop a white paper that outlines objectives and goals.

Wk 6

9/24 – 28

Project Planning& Establishing Client Needs; Client Rapport; Project challenges

Teams should have projects chosen

Meet with potential clients and assess client needs Preliminary Planning Sheet Due 9/26 – Online at D2L (See Studio3880 blog for article with guidelines).  Official Format will be available on D2L Dropbox.

Reading: Read (or Re-read) the Preface and Chapters 1-3 of the Stolley book. We will discuss these in class and then I will post a short quiz/assessment to be completed before 9/26.


Wk 7

10/1 – 10/5

Choosing Media Format; Brand Recognition; Submit Draft of Final  plan for instructor assessment/evaluation  Due Wednesday 10/3 – Online at D2L

Reading: Read Chapters 22-24 of the Stolley book. We will discuss how these relate to developing your group’s web presence.


Wk 8

10/8 – 10/12

Client Feedback Present final plan to client and begin workDue Wednesday 10/10 – Online at D2L

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