Studio 3880

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Project Deliverables

Studio3880 Project Deliverables

Following is the chart of deliverables for the teams. Note that you can mix and match combos and options.

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo  3


“Sides” Options


Client blog Team Blog Website  x 1 fliers
Meme Meme Meme  x 1 Press release
Social Media Social Media Web Content  x 2 Facebook
Embedded media (audio/video/graphics) Embedded media Embedded media  x 1 Twitter
3 sides 3 sides 2 sides  x 1 Handouts
Planning sheet Planning sheet Planning sheet  x 3 Pecha Kucha
Final Proposal Final Proposal Final Proposal  x 1 Video
Client correspondence Client correspondence Client correspondence  x 1 Audio
Progress Report Progress Report Progress Report  x 2 Image Gallery
  Presentation Presentation Presentation  x Tumblr
  Client Evaluation Client Evaluation Client Evaluation  x Pintrest
  Final Portfolio Final Portfolio Final Portfolio ?  Content

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