Studio 3880

Welcome to the Writing and Digital Media Studio

Virtual Class II

Schedule and Instructions

Due Dates:

            Mon:   10/22/12 –  MOU (team)

            Fri:      10/26/12 – Team Progress Report (team)

            Fri:      11/02/12 – Module II Assmnt / Virtual Class II  (individual)

DATE TOPICS READINGS & ASSIGNMENTS:  Due  and/or Discussed in Class

Wk 9

10/14 -10/19


Team Showcase

Memo of Understanding

(Virtual Class to be deployed 10/19)

Discuss Client Relations/Communication issues; Project Expectations; Teams present work done to date.
Memo of Understanding: reasons for; template; instructions to prepare a MOU for each project and present to client for authorized signature of record.Post scanned copy of signed MOUs to Group Locker (Organize Group Lockers in logical categories)

Wk. 10

10/21 – 10/26

Mon: MOU signed    

Virtual Class II:  Writer’s Voice; Digital Writing;Collaborative Writing; Teamwork in the workplace.



 *Module II Assessment  deployed 10/22 – due in drop box by 11:50 pm on 11/2/12.

Monday – Discuss Virtual Class II and Module II Assessment: Reading List and detailed instructions will be posted on Studio3880 as a blogpost.These will form an important part of the Module II Asssessment.Post Your responses to each reading on your blogs per the instructions.
*Original copy of signed MOU due date: Monday in class on 10/22/12 

Wk. 11

10/29 – 11/2

Mon:Team Showcase Teams present deliverables and discuss issues and/or concerns.
 Peer Review of  Team Deliverables  
 Module II Assessment DUE  *Virtual Class Closeout date: 11/02/12*Upcoming: Team Progress Report Due: 11/12@ 11:59 pm  in Group Locker

Virtual Class II: Finding Your Digital Voice (25 pts)
Focal Points: Writer’s Voice; Collaborative Writing; Teamwork.

On Writing for Digital Media
During the past few weeks, all of you have been grappling with a variety of issues inherent in writing for digital media, so our second virtual class focuses on how these issues impact your projects. For instance, the fast pace of web-based writing doesn’t allow much time for drafting, revising, and polishing in the same way as an academic paper. Blog-style writing is much different from both creative writing and academic writing, or even reporter writing. Writing for blogs has rules and follows English grammar and mechanical conventions, but appears to break many of the style conventions of formal writing. Paragraphs are shorter; images are expected/required; layout and design are often as, or more important than, textual information. The result is that in a sense you must juggle many different styles and try to find a balance that works for your particular context.

On Collaborative Writing and Teamwork
Another issue is that developing client projects requires both collaborative writing and teamwork –two very problematic areas. For instance, when working on a team project everyone needs to be “on the same page” and follow a chain of communication to avoid redundancy and/or annoying the client with unnecessary or conflicting communication. Nothing can condemn a project to failure more quickly than a bickering team or a bossy team member who tries to upstage the other members and do everything him/herself. Meeting deadlines is crucial to a project, so what happens when a client doesn’t communicate in a timely manner? How important is following the chain of communication? What do you do when one member is MIA (missing in action)? And, my favorite: Is it fair for everyone to receive the same grade on a team project? Under what circumstances should one member be evaluated differently?

On your personal blog, write 2 personal responses that highlight and resp ond to each of the two issues below. Each blog entry should be the usual blog length of at least 300 words and perhaps an image that reflects your perspective. You should read and respond to at least post by another classmate.

1. Blog Response 1 – Read (or reread) the articles about writers voice posted on Studio3880 on October 8:

( )

2. Blog Response 2 – Read the “Goose Story”, posted on Studio3880 Oct. 22, and then the following article from the Harvard School of Business:

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